THE COMPANY: Sirga Advanced Biopharma, SirgaAB, is an early-phase drug discovery company with unique experience, and proprietary technologies and targets. SirgaAB, a privately held drug discovery company incorporated in Delaware, focuses on novel targets of drug -resistant pathogens (bacterial, fungal and viral) and human diseases in developing new medicines for difficult human health problems. SirgaAB specializes in targets that are difficult for the pathogenic organism to alter, thus reducing the potential for further drug resistance, and in targets that alter human gene expression.

SIRGAAB PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE: The ribonucleic acids (RNA), as the intermediates in synthesis of vital proteins from the genetic blue-print of DNA, are central to biology of all cells. However, the chemistries, structures and functions of some RNAs are unique to specific pathogens and diseases. SirgaAB identifies and exploits these novel targets for the selection of potent candidate drugs.

In addition, SirgaAB provides drug discovery services, and consults in RNA biology to other drug discovery companies, and to agri-bio companies, as well.